Reasons Soccer Is the Best Sport in the World

The USA and Australia are probably the only countries left in the world where soccer is not one of the top-three most popular sports. As an Australian now living in the U.S., this has proven to be rather vexing over the years.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to go all John Lennon and say that soccer is more popular than God. But soccer is not just the most popular sport in the world, it is also the best. Like, objectively. Here’s why.


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Some sports are so overwhelmingly complex that it can take years of patient analysis (or patient explanation from an expert) to get your head around it. I love NFL, baseball and cricket, but I’ll also accept that they are a bit heavy on jargon, nuance and highly technical strategy that can deter the casual viewer.

Hey even the NFL referees themselves get a little confused sometimes (see attached video).

Soccer, on the other hand, is the kind of sport you can get your head around after about two minutes of watching. Once you’ve figured out the offside rule, that’s about it.


About The Item

design concept & product features

*most powerful led flashlight use  CREE XLamp XHP90.2 LED + COB,Can be used as a flashlight or as a work light
*Increase the 2*18650 or 2*26650 rechargeable battery compartment to make the working time longer
*Battery capacity display, telescopic zoom
*Micro usb for computer USB, car USB, USB charging plug, charging flashlight
*Can be used as a mobile power bank to charge mobile phones
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*Suitable for working,hunting,climbing,fishing, camping and outdoor activity etc
*Impact resistant to 2 meters


How to use the product:
Both products have 7 gear positions, 3 gear XHP90.2LED + 4 gear COB
Press the switch directly: 100%-50%-SOS (three-speed mode)
Double click to open COB mode: white light 100%-white light 50%-red light 100%-red light SOS


Product parameters

Name: XHP90.2+COB flashlight
Model of LED Beads: CREE XLamp XHP90.2 + COB
Range: 800-1200 meters.
Zoom mode: Telescopic zoom
Switch mode: 3 Modes XHP90.2 LED ( High – Low – SOS ) + 4 Modes COB ( white light 100%-white light 50%-red light 100%-red light SOS )
Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
waterproof level:   IPX-6
Lens material: Convex lens
Power: 2 x 26650 battery or 2 x 18650 battery
Lighting time: 18650 battery :4-6 hours ; 26650 battery : 10-15 hours.
Emitting Color: white light
Battery Type: 2*18650 rechargeable battery or 2*26650 rechargeable battery(Not included)
Charger: Micro usb
Output: can be used as mobile power


How to Develop your Acting Skills

Acting is a skill. Like most skills it’s aided by natural talent, but that’s not enough. So how do you develop your acting skills and become the confident, captivating actor that you dream of? By the end of this article you’ll have some techniques under your belt to help enhance your acting skills, regardless of where you are at in your career. None of the work outlined in this article requires spending a great deal of money, but it does require dedicated and focused effort.

For those of you that think you can’t work on your acting everyday, this is how. I’m going to cover all the major areas of acting work including: voicemovementknowledgetext work and acting.

Every element is important and helps you become a more engaging and versatile actor. Enjoy!


voice is an acting skill

Your voice is one of the few tangible assets you have as an actor. It’s your resonance, breath support, articulation, and expression. Work on it like you would any instrument! If you want to be able to tackle the language of Shakespeare, or the emotional demands of Arthur Miller, you need a voice that strong, flexible and connected. Voice work is the most neglected area of acting training by young actors, but I am hoping to change that outlook today. That is why voice work is number one on this list!

#1 Why Voice is Important?

You want your voice to be flexible enough to embody any character that’s thrown your way. Can you play a powerful high status character? Can you play someone with a strong accent? Can you play a character who speaks twice as fast as you? Voice is key to unlocking a world of characters and different ways of bringing them to life for an audience. Using your natural voice might work for a little while, but eventually, you’ll need to diversify your vocal talent in order to book more jobs, and more varying roles.

#2 Voice Warm Ups

Voice warm ups come in all shapes and sizes. The key is to find one that works for you. It’s always best to put together a warm up based on advice from a professional voice coach, or from a voice class you’ve taken. The key to voice warm ups is that consistency trumps effort. Doing 5-10 minutes a day is better than 1 hour long session each week. If you want to develop your acting skills I recommend doing something every morning (maybe give yourself Sunday off).

Remember: doing something everyday is better than doing one big voice session once a week or once a month. 

#3 Articulation Exercises

Articulation is one skill that is often neglected, and yet it is incredibly beneficial to work on daily. Add 5 minutes of articulation exercises into your vocal warm up every day. Take the time to work on particular sounds that you struggle with, and always work with a piece of text. Whether it be ShakespeareBrecht or Kenneth Lonergan – choose something that inspires you.

Idea: get some help! I have an articulation vocal warm up I listen to on Spotify. Each morning I flick it on and just do that for 3 minutes. Having someone talk me through out just helps keep me accountable. It’s good fun, and seriously annoys my housemates.

#4 Work on Text

We will talk a little more about text work later, but remember you are working on voice to improve how you work on text. So speak some great text out loud everyday. Ideally this could is a great poem, or dramatic piece of text like a monologue. I believe regularly reading wonderful writing out-loud everyday is one of the most enriching things you can do as an actor.



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